With Spring in the air and Summer around the corner, the birds are out and about and we have seen some unique sightings both in Ballina and in the rainforests of the Big Scrub remnants in Alstonville. https://www.bigscrubrainforest.org/

Ballina Birds

In Ballina there are several great areas to birdwatch. There are the waterways in West Ballina where visiting birds are often spotted. Also there is the large T- tree  Lake Ainsworth at Lennox. Along the banks and mangroves of Richmond River and North Creek are good spots to view cormorants, sea eagles, ospreys and kingfishers. On South Ballina  there are reserved areas for the sooty oystercatcher to lay its eggs  and on Flat Rock many  seabirds come to rest. For a list of the best locations to bird watch around Ballina visit


Or for a list of recent viewings of rare and visiting bird species check out:



Hinterland Birds

The Big Scrub remnants at Victoria Park Nature Reserve in  Alstonville is a good place to birdwatch. It has an easy access board walk through the forest.https://www.nationalparks.nsw.gov.au/visit-a-park/parks/victoria-park-nature-reserve

On the property at http://www.alstonvillecottages.com we are always excited to see the Wedge tailed eagles gliding over the valley and hearing the kookaburras laughing at us as we work! The sounds in the rainforest as you walk down to Duck Creek are  always intriguing from the sound of the catbird, the whipbird to the wompoo fruit dove.

Come and visit and tell us your new sightings and add to our bird list.


River Cruise

Take an eco cruise up the Brunswick River to learn and view the shy birds that inhabit the  river systems. https://www.byronbaycruises.com.au/morning-eco-rainforest-river-cruise

Handy Hints for identifying birds

If you see or hear a bird and dont know what type of bird it is. Here are some handy hints.


Or you can join in with the local group, Byron Bird Buddies (BBB). This is a volunteer community group, involved with avifauna monitoring, conservation and education in the Northern Rivers of NSW since 2004. they are always to help out with their shared knowledge.