Introducing our donkeys

We think donkeys are wonderful creatures with their very long ears, tiny feet and big sad eyes. We now have five at the cottages! They are all Jerusalem donkeys with a black cross over their shoulders.

There is Monty the Jack who is probably the most friendly. He is father to Benny who was born in February 2021 and is very cute and cuddly as well as being super friendly

Freda is mother of Benny and she is quiet but more cautious than the boys. We believe she will have a foal in early 2022.

The new recruits are Lizzie and her daughter Lily. They came from a farm in Lismore where they guarded sheep. Now they are just relaxing and getting to know how kind and friendly humans are!!

Are donkeys like horses?

Having owned and ridden horses for many years we are constantly surprised how different donkeys and horses are!

15 Fun Facts about Donkeys

1. A donkey is stronger than a horse of the same size
2. Donkeys can see all four of their feet at the same time
3. Donkeys can vary hugely in size, from 26 inches to 68 inches tall
4. A donkey’s bray can carry up to 60 miles in the desert
5. Donkeys have incredibly efficient digestive systems, utilising 95% of what they eat
6. Donkeys don’t like being in the rain for long periods as their fur is not waterproof
7. Donkeys have been used as working animals for at least 5,000 years and they are still a lifeline to families in parts of Europe, Asia, Africa and South America
8. Healthy donkeys can live well into their 50s
9. A blind donkey will often bond with a seeing donkey who will act as their guide
10. Donkeys can be a calming influence on other animals
11. Donkeys are very clever with a keen sense of curiosity
12. Donkeys are not stubborn but can be reluctant to do anything that might be unsafe – they consider situations before deciding what to do
13. Donkeys are extremely nimble and can cross tricky terrain
14. Donkeys are very sociable and form strong bonds – you will often see pairs of best friends within a herd
15. Donkeys are different to horses in their physiology, communication, thinking and behaviour – they do their best with other donkeys as companions

Can you think of anymore?

I like fact number 12. I believe they are deep thinkers?

Come and meet our herd! They will love to meet you!