Did you know that Alstonville Country Cottages has a farm animal petting area?

During your stay you and your family can feed and pet:
  • the miniature goats, Muse and Aphrodite
  • the Harlequin duck, Joker
  • the guinea pigs, Bert and Ernie
  • the dogs Taffy the Staffy and Captain the overgrown pup
  • the chickens and
  • the two horses, Karnie the Standardbred and Cobber the Arab.

Or you can collect your own  freshly laid eggs from chicken nesting boxes.

Or you watch the bees busily collecting pollen to make honey in their hives with jars of their honey available for sale at the reception

Goating around!

The two miniature goats live together in the petting area with the chickens and Joker the duck.

Here are some special goatee facts!

Muse and Aphrodite are female goats, which are called does. Male goats are called bucks or billies. Goat’s milk makes lovely cheese or yoghurt.

They are gentle, friendly and comical animals and endlessly entertaining. Watch them run and jump on their sea-saw or try to climb a tree. You don’t need to  call them  because as soon as they see you they will come  running over for a pat.
You might even meet them around the cottages, being taken for a walk.

Are you kidding?

We are hoping to breed from our miniature goats. We believe they are both pregnant so in a few months (likely May 2019) you might be lucky enough to see some baby kids. In fact it is quite likely that they will have twins. How cute will that be?

Who are they?

Our goats are female Australian Miniatures

  • They will be 60cm tall when they are fully grown
  • They are gentle, friendly and playful
  • They live until they are 11-15 years old
  • There are three varieties, Elf, Pixie, Munchkin and Nuwb

In Australia the Pygmy Goat and the Nigerian Dwarf goat are also popular.

What do goats eat?

Miniature goat breeds will eat grass, weeds, low branches, hay, grain, pellet feed and other vegetation. Our goats particularly like bananas or mango skin.
In fact Goats LOVE to eat just about everything ! So look out when you enter their enclosure!

What do they look like?

Muse and Aphrodite have curly hair which can get quite long.
 Goats with short coats require little to no grooming, but those with long coats require weekly brushing.
You can use a brush and groom them carefully to help them look neat and tidy.

Where do they go at night?

Although goats are hardy animals they do like a clean and dry shelter to protect them from wind, rain and extremes in heat and cold.
 Our goats have a tree house and on a wet day you will see them peering down at you!
In the day they are happy to wander freely with the chickens.

What makes our goats happy and healthy?

Goats are smarty pants pets! They are happiest and healthiest when they have toys and activities to keep them occupied. They are natural show offs and you can see they love to
climb, jump and investigate EVERYTHING. Run and play with them. They’ll love you.
So come and stay at the cottages http://www.alstonvillecottages.com and visit the goats and other animals – you’ll have lots of fun!
Next time I’ll tell you about our dogs and horses…..