The Magical World of Fireflies

Have you ever seen a Firefly? Now is the time to see Fireflies as they emerge from the dark, damp depths of the rainforest looking for a mate.  Have you ever seen the twinkling, mesmerising little glow that flickers around the rainforests of Northern NSW in September/ October?  You may remember them from your childhood when you tried to capture one in a glass jar to study more closely. The blinking, surprisingly bright light is the mating dance of this increasingly rare insect, the Firefly. What are they? The firefly is in fact not a fly at all but a beetle from [...]

March into Action

Where to in 2020? Autumn is a beautiful time of year. The weather cools and the rain is falling. We feel energised to go out and explore. Australia has had a torrid few months but is starting to recover.  The silly season is over, the roads are quieter and the prices affordable. Where will you go in 2020? Travel domestically  Overseas travel is unattractive and potentially dangerous so 2020 is the year to travel domestically. Explore  places that you have never been to before. It doesn't have to be the road trip of a lifetime ór be expensive. Just take a weekend [...]

Little Known Facts about Ballina

Did you know that Ballina is on an Island? Ballina is situated in the Northern Rivers, just one hour from the Gold Coast or two hours from Brisbane. As Byron Bay becomes too busy for some people, the delights of Ballina are being discovered. It has great surfing, cycling, fishing as well as safe river  or swimming at Shaws Bay. When you arrive at Ballina it's easy not to notice but, the town is in fact surrounded by water, separated from the mainland by North Creek and the Richmond River. So it is an island! When you approach the  centre of Ballina [...]

Oysters, Prawns and Fresh Seafood

When you think of Summer on the North Coast what do you think of ? At Alstonville Country Cottages we think of beaches, swimming and leisurely picnics eating fresh seafood. Or watching the sunset over the river with a plate of local oysters.   But where is the best place to catch or buy your seafood? Oysters If your passion is oysters then look no further than Richmond Oysters on The Serpentine at East Ballina.  Local quality oysters at a great price. Sit on the edge of the river and enjoy a treat. BYO. http://m.facebook/oystersballina/ Prawns and seafood In the heart of [...]

The History of Duck Creek – Alstonville

Alstonville or Duck Creek Mountain? The village of Alstonville was originally known as "Duck Creek Mountain" after Duck Creek, which flows along the southern edge of town and eventually merges with Emigrant Creek and the Richmond River. The name was given by the Cedar Cutters because of the abundance of wild ducks on the upper tidal reaches of the creek.[3]   In 1873, due to confusion with a different Duck Creek, the first postmaster John Perry changed the name to "Alstonville". Alstonville,  was derived from Alston the maiden name of his wife Annie Alston. Duck Creek Alstonville Country Cottages is set on 42 [...]

Horses, horses, horses!

We love horses but I know not everyone agrees with us. My father used to say 'Why would anyone love an animal that is dangerous at both ends and uncomfortable in the middle?!!'   Horses at Alstonville Country Cottages We have a grey Arab/cross gelding    called Cobber and a bay Standardbred gelding   called Karnie. Cobber has the high carrying tail which is typical of his Arabian breeding whilst Karnie is an ex racing pacer so he often paces instead of canters and can go very fast. They are both friendly and love attention and you are very welcome to give them a treat [...]