What do the colder nights mean to you? Here are a few of the things we love to do on the clear nights at Alstonville in the Byron Hinterland.



The sky above Alstonville Country Cottages is perfect for stargazing.

Unaffected by street lights, lie on your back on a rug or sit around the firepit and lose yourself in the mysteries of the sky.

Or perhaps cooking damper on a stick or roasting sticky marshmallows is more your idea of fun. Tell stories as you sit around the open fire and listen to the noises of the rainforest or the animals munching!

Light up the pizza oven and cook pizzas, bread or pumpkin while you warm yourself in the glow or lose yourself in the pictures in the flames. Play charades and enjoy the peace of the countryside before retiring to the homely comforts of  your cottage.


There are plenty of guides to the night sky. Check out

 http://www.abc..net.au>science>starhunt or http://www.timeanddate.com>australia

or download a free app on your phone.

Become an expert on identifying the planets. Watch out for a falling star. Do you know how to find the Emu in the Sky or  the Southern Cross?


Winter Solstice

The winter solstice is on June 22nd this year and marks the shortest day and the longest night. Don’t miss the Lantern Parade in Lismore .


Free fun for all the family. Huge lit up paper lanterns parade through the streets, great smells fill the air from the food stalls and the Fire Finale crackles up into the night sky.
Laugh at the magical creatures and acrobats, wonder at the skill of the local schools and groups who make these marvellous creations.


Christmas in July

Book you and your friends into the cottages and celebrate a Northern Hemisphere inspired Xmas. Reserve the function room and plan a true traditional Xmas meal or celebrate with thick jumpers on your verandah or around the firepit. (Mince pies and turkey optional)! http://www.thechristmascart.com.au


Humpback Whale watching time!

From July to October the whales travel close to the coast heading north to give birth. Don’t miss out on seeing these majestic creatures, passing by the beaches of Byron, Lennox and Ballina.
Take a boat trip out from Ballina


or watch them in comfort from the Lighthouse Beach Cafe.


Or walk out to north wall in Ballina and see them more clearly as they cruise past.


Nocturnal wildlife

In September the rarely seen fireflies come out on the edge of the forest at Alstonville Country Cottages. Watch the males as they flicker enticingly, trying to impress the females. Bring a torch, keep quiet and you might also spot a possum or bandicoot.

Come and share the colder weather with us!